Smarflix scammed me and will not remove my CC frm their company. I originally ordered 2 videos a year ago. These were never sent. Then Smartflix added me to their video rental service without my permission and is charging me $9.98 per month. They won't return my calls and send me template letters.I think that this is unfair to consumers. If they are so destitute that they charge people then they should go out of business. I will never use this company again and recommend noone use this company. You can't even delete your own cc information. They have set up the site so this cannot be done. I have never dealt with such a company!

Sham on you Travis Corcoran.


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I rented 3 videos from Smartflix and watched them and returned them but they are still charging my card, tried to call and have written 4 emails yet they will not return my call, emails so now i am taking action. This company is so unorganized! :(


SmartFlix sucks.Zero customer service.

DVDs are damaged. I think they have only one copy of each DVD so you have to wait until someone else returns it. If it's a long wait, they still charge by the month!!!

Complete rip off.I have never gotten any response from them.


***Some loophole in copyright law from 1920 lets him rent these WITHOUT PAYING ROYALTIES***

It's not a loophole.It the way the law was deliberately written.

You don't think Avis pays Ford a royalty on its rental cars do you?Same thing.


You should also know that Smartflix DOES NOT PAY 1 CENT TO THE PEOPLE THEY STEAL VIDEOS FROM.That's correct.

Those videos they rent? Some loophole in copyright law from 1920 lets him rent these WITHOUT PAYING ROYALTIES. So every rental you make goes in Smarflix's pocket.

Not the content creator.Not one content creator has authorized them to rent those videos.


thanks-will not use :sigh it looked too good to be true


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I paid for a video that was never sent even though it didn't say the viedo was not in stock. I think it is wrong to charge a card it they don't have the video in stock.. They should only charge when they send the video out.


SmartFlix kept charging me also. I did get a refund for all the bad charges. But I had to nag them month after month to quit charging me, and refund the charges.

The University subscription I signed up for was cancelled because they never sent the DVDs, but charged me just the same, for four more months.

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